vc4.2 use DDE call to VB subprogram, How? 
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 vc4.2 use DDE call to VB subprogram, How?

My company has already used the VC4.2 to make a project. the
subprogram/module is in the form of DDE program plug into the kernel
written by VC++. so there is a CALLBACK function declared in each sub
program written in C/VC++.

But now, we want to try to use VB5.0 to write a subprogram/module to
plug into the kernel. Is it possible and how, the VB help just talk
about how to use DDE with Excel, Access.... doesn't mention how to be
linked with VC /C written project.

What I am doing now is using the alternative, I use VC to write a
simple subprogram with CALLBACK function declared. and then use VB5 to
create a ACTIVEX control and put it into the subprogram. Will there be
any problem?

thanks for any help in advance.
best regards

Sat, 16 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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