Creating ActiveX controls to print on MS Access reports 
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 Creating ActiveX controls to print on MS Access reports

Hi all,
    I'm using VC++ 5 to create an ActiveX control that displays a colour
image. I use the GetDeviceCaps to get the number of colours supported by the
device, this works fine when doing stuff for the screen, but when I query
most colour printers (I've done about 12 so far) the devices either return 1
or 8 bits (clearly both are incorrect).

My problem with the Access reports is that the report uses the controls
OnDraw instead of a specific render function to render an image to the DC,
so when my control is used on an Access report, the image always comes out
in monochrome due to the incorrect number of bits returned from my

Is there any documentation on how to create printable controls for MS Access
reports? Am I doing this the right way?

Chris Read

Sun, 13 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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