Modeless dialog from ActiveX DLL 
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 Modeless dialog from ActiveX DLL


I would like to use an object exported from an ActiveX DLL (created
with VB) which, among other functionality, is available to show a
modeless dialog box.

I have no problems using modal dialogs from VB ActiveX DLL's in VC++
programs or DLL's, but when using the object with the modeless dialog
box I get a COM error during program execution telling me that the
pointer to the object is invalid.

The MSDN documentation tells me that, to be able to use modeless forms
from ActiveX DLL's in VC++ clients, the client application must
support this by giving the form access to the clients message loop.
Unfortunately there is no explanation  in that article (see
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) how to
do this.

Any hints welcome.


Sat, 19 Jul 2003 14:20:06 GMT  
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