Printing/Print preview problem with CRichEditView. 
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 Printing/Print preview problem with CRichEditView.

Hi everyone
    I have created a CRichEditView which has the printing functions. However
if I type a lot of text into the RichEditView on one line and then print
preview it, it only displays certain parts of the text and it is on two
lines or more (dependent on the amount of text typed in).

Is this because I have set up the margins incorrectly and if so how can I
correct it?

Currently I am setting the margins in the OnInitialUpdate method with the
following command:

SetMargins(CRect(720, 720, 720, 720));

I also have set the following for the word wrap:
 m_nWordWrap = WrapNone;

Also can anyone explain how I can use the standard page setup dialog to set
the margins?



Fri, 10 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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