VC++.Net Unmanaged c++ attributed deployment with ATL7.0 
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 VC++.Net Unmanaged c++ attributed deployment with ATL7.0

> If I am using unmanaged c++ with c++ attributes and ATL7.0, do I have to
> install the .Net Framework?


> What do I have to distribute? ATL7.dll? and that
> is it?

A tool that is very helpful with such questions
shipped with DevStudio.  It is called depends.exe.
Run it with the path to your application or DLL
and study its display of dependencies.  Except
for system DLL's, you will need to provide or
update the DLL's that show up in depends.exe .

-Larry Brasfield
(address munged)

Sun, 26 Sep 2004 05:39:15 GMT  
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