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 How to remove icon

Forget it. I open .rc file and remove some properties. The icon is gone.

> Hello,

> I have two project. One is SDI and another is a simple Dialog. The second
> one only has one main dialog window. I want to add the simple project to
> SDI project. So, I copy .h and .c file of the dialog file to my SDI
> folder. When I call this dialog class from my SDI project, it works fine.
> But there is another icon display on task bar. I don't want two icon for
> same project. How do I remove it?

> I used same method to merge two project in before. If I move no-main frame
> window to a new project, it's OK. Why the main window display another

> Thanx

Mon, 03 Jan 2005 00:02:59 GMT  
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