converting from Local Time to UTC time... 
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 converting from Local Time to UTC time...

Microsoft time functions will add the time bias for daylight savings time
based upon whether the current system time should be adjusted, not whether
or not the time you are trying to convert should be adjusted.  For example
if I used the following code to convert 4/27/99 10:00:00 PM to UTC using the
following code (system time is 2/1/99, Eastern Standard Time):

    SystemTimeToFileTime(&sysTime, &lFt);
     LocalFileTimeToFileTime(&lFt, &ft);
     FileTimeToSystemTime(&ft, &newST);

I would get 4/27/99 15:00:00 PM.

If I then changed my system clock to 4/27/99, I would get 4/27/99 14:00:00

These times should be identical.  The whole idea of UTC is that it is a
linear expression of time regardless of Time zone or Daylight Savings Time.
Are there any API's which will allow me to accurately convert from Local
Time to UTC and UTC to Local Time?


Al P.

Sat, 13 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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