How to pass the multi_array to the function? 
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 How to pass the multi_array to the function?

    And I need the data getted in the function can be returned to
the upper level. How can I tackle this problem? I ask a question about
the array as parameter before, and the kind man pull me out of  it.but  I
apply the rules to the multi_array.It  seems have more complex features.It's
confusing me.

My program as following:
  The function:
       BOOL FindNewFiles(char* pNewsData[], long&  nNewsLen[ ],short

      //I passed the parameter pNewsData[2][100], nNewsLen[] to the
function. And the parameters are
     // filled with the calculated data and return to the upper level
     // The function should be accessed as following:
        //BOOL FindNewFiles(char* pNewsData[], long nNewsLen[],short&
             for(int i = 0 ; i< nDirListSize; i++)           //The
nDirListSize is defined as 2.
          pFilezip = new unsigned char[*nNewsFileLength[nDirListSize]];
          memset(pFilezip,0,(unsigned int)nNewsFileLength[nDirListSize]);
          ResponseHeader.nType = PKG_TYPE_NEWSFILE;
          ResponseHeader.nContentLen =(int)*nNewsFileLength[nDirListSize];
          if(compress(pFilezip, &nFileLengthZip, pNewsFile[nDirListSize],
*nNewsFileLength[nDirListSize]) != Z_OK)
          if (!SendBuffer(sock[index],(char
          if (!SendBuffer(sock[index],(char *)pFilezip,nFileLengthZip))
         delete pNewsFile[nDirListSize];
         delete pFilezip;

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