VC 4.2 link error linking static libraries from VC 6.0 
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 VC 4.2 link error linking static libraries from VC 6.0

   I have encountered the problem, the only thing can do,i think, is to recompile the
whole thing again. Not only vc 6.0, but vc5.0 can not accept a lib their predecessor

    We've built 'static libraries' with VC 6.0. Linking applications in VC 6.0 works without any problems.
    We're trying to link the same application with VC 4.3 and get the message 'LINK : error :  Internal error during Pass1'.
    Linker options in VC 4.2 are the same as in VC 6.0.

    Does anybody know what to do, that our customers don't have to upgrade to VC 6.0?

Sat, 07 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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