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 NMAKE error messages

Each night I run a script which builds 2 libraries for our software
development group. In short, I fetch the files from SourceSafe, export a
makefile and then run nmake on the makefile to build the libraries.  I
use the /X option to output the error messages to a file. However the
error messages produced by nmake are not very descriptive.  I would like
to get the error messages that would be produced if the libraries were
built in the DevStudio environment which are much more descriptive. A
while back, I was experimenting and found that if you added ">>
filename" to the end of the project options ( where all the includes and
other compiler options are) under the C++ tab under project settings,
the descriptive error messages were output to the filename.  However, I
have tried this again recently and it no longer works. The compiler does
not recognize the ">>"
Does anyone have any idea why this might not be working and how I might
be able to get those descriptive error messages into an error file that
I can distribute to my software group?


Sat, 27 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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