VC++6.0 Multi-threading: Dialog or SDI/MDI 
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 VC++6.0 Multi-threading: Dialog or SDI/MDI


I'm writing a GUI in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 to talk
to a bit of VxWorks driven hardware.  To keep it simple,
and the fact that I've never programmed in MSVC or
on a PC, I initially thought of using a dialog based approach.
However, I will need to have multi-threading to deal with
unsolicitated message coming to the PC.

My question is can I have multiple threads in a GUI built
using the dialog based application option in the MFC
AppWizard.  Or should I be using the SDI/MDI option instead.
Are there any advantages/disadvantages associated with

Are there any resource/background information sites
that might be useful for this kind of task.

Thanks in advance, Anwar

Tue, 08 Jul 2003 23:07:05 GMT  
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