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 Simple Question - NEED HELP!!!

    I use Visual Basic 5.  I recentlly won a copy of Visual Studio 97 Enterprise Edition in a online contest.  I installed Visual C++.  I find it really hard to use.  The main thing making it hard to use is that you can not see and edit what the project will look like.  I know you have to be able to edit what the project looks like.  You know in VB how you can see the forms and edit them.  Can this be done in VC++?  How do you edit the interface of the program?  What type of program should I create for my first test program (the easiest type to learn)?  So basically I need to know how to view and edit what the program looks like.  PLEASE HELP!!!  I am a beginner and really want to learn how to use it.  Does VJ++ go along with VC++?  Will that help?  Do I need to install something else?  
    Finally, What books or web sites would you recomend I check out in order to help me learn VC++?

Mon, 03 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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