C++ Installation Problems 
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 C++ Installation Problems

I've been trying unsuccessfully to install C++ 6.0 from
my MSDN Visual Studio Enterprise DVD's.  The program
seems to install just fine.  BUT...when I try to run C++,
I get an error message saying "devbld.pkg not found".  
After clicking OK, I get another message that
says "DEVTOOL CANNOT BE LOADED".  Obviously C++ will not

I have uninstalled Visual Studio as a whole and
reinstalled it.  I've also just uninstalled C++ and re-
installed it.  I'm getting the same errors no matter what
I do.  I've even tried running the repair option, but
that didn't work either.

Please help!  I'm taking a C++ class and need to get this
program working so I can finish my class project!!  Thank
you so much!

Tue, 29 Jun 2004 23:14:34 GMT  
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