VS 6.0 crashes on Win2000 during maco execution 
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 VS 6.0 crashes on Win2000 during maco execution

Has anybody run into problems when executing macro files ( .dsm ) ?

I had the brilliant idea that redifining the keys using a macro file would
make it possible to customize the VS environment to match other text
editors/IDE's. Especiallay make the VS IDE have the same keyboard bindins as
Emacs for example.

Now, it seems that anytime one of my macros fails, the whole VS 6.0
Environment crashes and has to be restarted...

I found an article about macro execution failure causing VC6.0 to crash on
the MSDN ( Q193478 ) and hoped that installing a service pack would cure the

After installing SP4, I still had the problem present.

BTW do anyone have a valid working macro file that sets the basic keyboard
binding and functionality of Emacs?

/Best regards

Mattias Ernelli

Fri, 31 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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