Blue screen on Custom Build Step (again) 
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 Blue screen on Custom Build Step (again)

I'm posting this again, in the hope that someone from MS might try to

Something has got corrupted on my machine, so that whenever I try to build
an application which has a custom build step, as soon as it gets to that
build step I get a blue screen crash and have to reboot.

This is a new 'feature'. I used to be able to run custom build steps without

It does not matter what the build step does. Anything causes the crash.

I can run the build step manually without any problems. The crash only
occurs when the IDE tries to run the build step.

I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled MSVC (Visual C++ 6.0). Made no
difference. (I was running with SP5, but have just gone back to the base
installation from CD). Crashed before and crashes afterwards.

I have checked for viruses.

Apart from this my system (Windows ME, Intel P4, 1.4GHz) is behaving fine.

Other than wiping and reinstalling everything (and I don't have a proper
Windows CD - it all came pre-installed, and don't want to resort to that yet
anyway), I have run out of ideas.

Anyone seen anything like this before?
Could some registry corruption be causing this?
Anyone know which system components are involved in running a custom build
step from the IDE, which maybe are not removed/installed with MSVC, and
which may be corrupted?


Sat, 14 Aug 2004 17:38:57 GMT  
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