VC devstudio output window? 
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 VC devstudio output window?

I'm using an external makefile in the most "external" method.
I.e. I'm simply running it from the tools menu with the following,
Command       ->      Nmake.exe
Arguments      ->      /f$(FileName).mak  Arg1=$(FileName)
Initial Directory->      $(FileDir)
Use Output Window  [Checked.]
I did not wrap the makefile or open it in the studio, it's totally edited
outside (usually it's an asm makefile or a bookdisk C makefile) .
Nmake is running the makefile but I can't get the output window to open
up on it's own afterward. I have to open it manually (over and over again).
Does anyone know how to remedy this ??

Thu, 22 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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