In-place activation in the VC5 IDE 
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 In-place activation in the VC5 IDE

Greetings all,

I can create an MFC application that acts as an active document server and
activates in-place inside apps like Word, etc; everything works great,
menus & toolbars appear while editing, dump works fine.  However, when I
attach a file type associated with my document server to a project in the
VC++5.0 IDE and edit it, instead of activating in-place a seperate window
is created.  If I create a Word document inside the IDE, insert one of my
documents into it, and edit the contained document, the IDE switches from
Word's menu & toolbars to mine.  What's up with this?  What am I doing
howard hartsfield

Mon, 06 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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