AutoExp.dat and member variables of (STL) string type 
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 AutoExp.dat and member variables of (STL) string type

I posted this some time ago and got no replies. Now this and similar
problems are making my life a misery, so I thought I'd have another go

I have these classes and I wish to setup up a AutoExp.dat entry to
display TagletNamed (and also some more complicated derivatives of
Taglet). The 'string' class is the STL one.)

class Taglet
  enum {TCLeft, TCRight, TCTop} m_eCategory;
  virtual Taglet* Clone() = 0;
  virtual string GetString() const = 0;


class TagletNamed : public Taglet
  string m_strName;
  TagletNamed(string a_strName);
  TagletNamed(const TagletNamed& a_tltOther);
  virtual Taglet* Clone();
  virtual string GetString() const;
  virtual string GetName() const;


In AutoExp.dat, if I use

TagletNamed=cat=<m_eCategory> name=<m_strName._Ptr,s>

then, in the Watch window or wherever, I get

{cat=TCLeft name=???}

I have tried all sorts of combinations (with or without the '._Ptr',
with all the string type format specifiers or none) and it will just
not display m_strName.
This despite the fact that if I watch the m_strName variable
individually - say in the TagletNamed constructor - it displays fine!
m_strName is definitely set; I can tell so by using member funcions.

Can anyone tell me what the right format is?

Thanks in advance

Pablo Canary

Sat, 01 May 2004 18:15:24 GMT  
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