VC50 Include Directory settings 
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 VC50 Include Directory settings

Does anyone know a way that I can make the IDE look on more than one drive
for the headers, using the relative path locations entered in "Additional
include directories:" within the project's settings?

The goal is to have successfully built code on the network drive, and code
that is currently being modified checked out locally. The problem is that
headers included in the project I am working on cannot be found because I
don't have a copy of them locally. I know I can specify alternate
directories for Include, Source, Libraries, etc., in the
Tools/Options/Directories tab-dialog. However, the relative path assignments
already included in the "Additional include directories" within each
project's settings are ignored. I don't want to change the locations of the
header files, and I don't want to make additional, duplicate, entries in the
projects settings (duplicate except that the second set of entries would
contain a drive specifier).


Sat, 04 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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