VB callback function, called from a VC DLL, crashes 
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 VB callback function, called from a VC DLL, crashes


I wrote a C++ DLL full of functions called from a VB 6.0 program.  I use
a type library ( ODL to describe the interface ) and everything worked
fine until I wanted to call (from C++) a VB function or a VB procedure
as a callback function : the VB program and VB itself crash when I
invoke the VB callback function through the pointer I obtained using the
AddressOf VB's function.

Here is a simplified version of what I do.  It also crashes lamentably.

In a .cpp file:

void (__stdcall * testPtr)(void);    // global here for simplicity
                                                        // the callback
function will be call through this pointer

ALMSIM_API void __stdcall SetVBtestFnPtr( void * pf )
{                                                                // put
the callback function's address in the global variable
 if ( pf ) // equiv. !=0
  testPtr = (void (__stdcall *)(void)) pf;        // this cast is, in
principle, not necessary


ALMSIM_API int  __stdcall testBug( int context, int num, double frac )
{                                                       // the
parameters (arguments) are not the problem
                                                        // checked by
writing to a file
 ofstream myFile;                            // writing to a file for
debugging purposes
 myFile.open( ".\\zztestbug.txt" );
 myFile << "testPtr = " << testPtr << endl;

 if ( testPtr )  // i.e., !=0
  testPtr();                                        // this call crashes
our VB program and VB.exe

 return 99;


In the ODL file I have:   (the decorated names are not the problem : the
functions are called correctly, except the VB callback function which is
not described in the ODL file)


  helpstring("rien que pour un test ; bug de la progresss bar")

  int __stdcall testBug([in] int c, [in] int n, [in] double f );


  helpstring("TEST : Set the function pointer to the VB function showing
the progress bars. The pointer is obtained using the AddressOf

  void __stdcall SetVBtestFnPtr([in]  void * pf );

Finally, in VB I do:

    Call SetVBtestFnPtr(AddressOf myProgressFn)

    Dim retx As Long
    retx = testBug(0, 10, 0.1)        'executing this will invoke the
callback function and crash the program and VB.exe too

and the callback function (Sub/procedure) is

Sub myProgressFn()
    Dim x As Long
    x = 33                'filler
    x = x + 7            'filler
End Sub

This last function (VB proc/sub) "is", in C/C++,   void myProgressFn(
void ).
The function pointer that is used to call it has type  void (__stdcall *

So, what is the problem????

Note: the C++ functions are exported correctly (ALMSIM_API is given by
#define ALMSIM_API __declspec(dllexport)
#define ALMSIM_API __declspec(dllimport)

Again, what is the problem?  Any ideas?


Sat, 10 May 2003 09:18:04 GMT  
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