Intellisense data continually unloads 
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 Intellisense data continually unloads

I've just recently moved to VC++ 6.0 and I'm encountering some
problems with IntelliSense. Specifically, when I type '.' or '->' after
a structure
or class for the first time, the IDE halts for several seconds while the
grinds and then the drop down list of methods and members appears.

The delay is long enough that it makes the IntelliSense pretty worthless
on those
occasions when there is a delay - especially since you can't continue
typing while
it's loading the needed data. Once it has loaded the data, subsequent
uses of
IntelliSense are fast and useful.

However, VC++ unloads the data too easily. By watching the memory usage
MSDev.exe in the NT Task Manager I have decided that each time you run
program you are working on, the IntelliSense data is unloaded. I decided
because I noticed that whenever I use IntelliSense, the memory usage of
jumps abruptly from about 5MBytes to about 15MBytes. When I execute a
program the memory usage instantly drops back down to about 5MBytes -
if it was previously as high as 25MBytes.

I don't think that the memory is being squeezed out by the newly running
because the drop is too sudden (before the app has really started) and
Task Manager shows that I have never had less than 32MBytes of physical
RAM free, with typically something like 50-60MBytes free when I go to
start my app.

I'm running on a PII300 with 192MBytes of RAM on Win2K.

Does anybody know a way to tell MSDev not to unload the IntelliSense

.Bruce Dawson, Cavedog Entertainment.
Makers of Total Annihilation - http://www.*-*-*.com/

Fri, 28 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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