Launch New DevStudio; Default DevStudio Open Mode 
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 Launch New DevStudio; Default DevStudio Open Mode

Two questions:

1.  Suppose I've already got an instance of the MSVC 5.0 DevStudio
running with a workspace open in it.  If I go to the Windows Explorer,
find another .dsw file, and double-click on it, the default behavior is
to use the running instance of DevStudio for this new workspace, closing
the old workspace in the process.  Can I change this behavior so that a
new DevStudio is always launched when I double-click on a .dsw file?
This would match the behavior under MSVC 4.2.

2.  I frequently drag-and-drop files into the DevStudio to open them for
editing.  The problem is that DevStudio tries to figure out what "open"
means based on the file extension; opening a .dsp file means inserting
into the currently opened workspace, opening a .mak file means closing
the existing workspace and building a new workspace around a possibly
converted makefile.  I'd like to change this so that by default it opens
the dragged in file as Text instead (analogous to choosing the Open As
Text option in the File | Open dialog).  Can I do this?


Fri, 01 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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