Profile output window is blank when profiling with IDE 
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 Profile output window is blank when profiling with IDE

The output window, under the profile tab, is blank when I tried to
profile my program. I probably don't have some setting enabled but I
don't know which one. Any help appreciated. Heres what I did:

I installed profiling (after initial install as it didn't install it by
default) for VC++ 5.0

I checked "function timing" in the profile options under build menu.
This is the only option I selected to keep it simple for first profile
attempt, i.e. no batch files yet.

I enabled profiling under project/settings/link

I built the project.

I executed the program using execute ... under build menu

The profile output window is displayed at the bottom of the dev studio
window, but it is blank.

Did I miss a step? Do I look elsewhere, i.e in a file for the output?

Thanks for any help

Sun, 15 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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