Problem in executing a VC++1.52 application 
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 Problem in executing a VC++1.52 application

I have a problem with VC++1.52 (I know it is very ancient, but
I have a project in that platform).

It must be some setting problem, but I have tried various
combinations, and yet I am not able to solve the problem. So,
if you can guide me on what is to be done, I shall be obliged.
I am sorry if I am troubling you too much.

I wrote a small program, a typical "Hello world" program
(without using MFC). When I build the EXE, it says 0 errors,
0 warnings, meaning that the EXE should get made. But no EXE
is actually made. If I choose the option to execute the
program, it says that the EXE does not exist, and whether the
EXE should be made; I say Yes, and still it stops after
compiling and linking. So why is the EXE not being made? When
I choose Browse, Open xxx.bsc, it says the ......bsc file does
not exit, do you want to create it. When I choose Yes, it
again compiles and links without any error, but still does not
make an EXE.

I have chosen QuickEXE as well as Windows application options
but the same results happen.

Could you kindly inform me at the earliest, what the problem is.

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Sun, 23 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Problem in executing a VC++1.52 application
Can we assume your runnin gon a Win 3.1 machine?

this being the case the problem can be many, many different things.  It
could be your video driver, it could be a memory conflict it could be the
CPU in your machine (specifically old cyrix processor).

take a look at  Article ID: Q112563  titled "PRB: Cyrix Processor May Cause
Build Failure"

if that is not your problem try the following things:

Start Windows, and open a DOS box.  Goto the MSVC\Bin directory and run the
MSVCVARS.BAT file, no switch to your project directory and use nmake on your
project (nmake /f project.mak).  Did the DOS box dissappear?  Are you sure
the above doesn't apply to you?

Now switch your video driver to the generic VGA driver that comes with
windows (I hope you know how to do this 'cause I forget).  Reboot you
machine and try the above again.  If it still fails, do this:

Clean Boot:

Make a bootable floppy disk.
now create a CONFIG.SYS and put the following in it:

DEVICE=C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS    (assumes DOS 6 else C:\Windows\HIMEM.SYS)


now create a AUTOEXEC.BAT as follows:


call c:\msvc\bin\msvcvars.bat

SET TMP=C:\DOS     (notice there are no spaces or semi-colons)

Then start windows as follows:

WIN /D:FSVX      (do a win/? to see what this will do)
    (add a C to the above line if you have Win 3.11/  WIN /D:FSVXC)

also remove or comment out the LOAD= and RUN= lines in the win.ini, and
remove stuff from your startup group.


Sun, 23 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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