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 Strange Problem

Well, I went out and bought VC++6.  I took it home and decided to give it a
test-run and see what new gizmo's MS decided to put into it.  Everything
went fine until I decided to run the App Wizard.  It runs like a
dream....EXCEPT...when I chose the "No Document/View Support" option (i.e. I
unchecked the checkbox that gave the support), I ran into a problem.  The
proggie built like a dream, and I figured I would have a Simple Window (this
could be a good thing to base a DirectX app on).  However, when I tried to
run it, I ran into a crash.  It seems that an ASSERT was not working
properly, and that caused me NO END of trouble.
    Now, Im running Win98, and I freshly installed it the day before, so
maybe there is a problem with VC6 and Win98, but one would think that the
code MS generates in the Wizard would actually WORK. (maybe this is too much
to ask....).  I understand that it's a fixable error, but if I have to go in
and fix it, why have the Wizard in the first place (it's not THAT hard to
create what it gave me).
    Just wondering if this is a common problem......

Richard Ashkettle

Tue, 20 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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