Problems with ClassWizard and VB OLE Type Libraries? 
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 Problems with ClassWizard and VB OLE Type Libraries?

Hello All:

Has anyone experienced problems using Visual C/C++ ClassWizard to generate
C++ classes from OLE Type libraries?  I've found that the generated classes
have the incorrect DISPID in their calls to InvokeHelper.  I know this
because I checked them with my own calls to GetIDsOfNames.  The values
appear to be off by 4 (that is, the generated methods call InvokeHelper
with 60030060 when the correct value is 60030064).  These type libraries
were generated by Visual Basic 4.0.  I am using Visual C++ 4.2b.

Also, the ClassWizard notes that IUnknown and IDispatch methods that return
HRESULT (i.e., QueryInterface, GetTypeInfoCount, Invoke...) were "not
emitted because of invalid return type or parameter type".  Is this
indicative a problem with our VB type library?

Thanks in Advance,

Tue, 14 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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