HELP on Macro/Scripting using VC++ Add-Ins 
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 HELP on Macro/Scripting using VC++ Add-Ins

Anyone know of any detailed documentation on the various Scripting Add-ins
for the Visual C++ Developer Studio?  For example, one of the commands is
BrowseDefAndRefs.  I want to create a macro called BrowseClass that will
append a double colon to the end of the selected text so that if the carat
is on CWnd, I don't get a list of defs and refs of the CWnd class in the
right pane of the browser window, but a list of all CWnd members and methods
in the left pane, each of which is selectable to display detailed
method/member references in the right pane.

I recorded a macro, but all I get is

Sub BrowseClass()
'DESCRIPTION: Appends :: to a selected token so that the browser directory
shows the class members, not just the class references
'Begin Recording
 ExecuteCommand "BrowseDefAndRefs"
'End Recording
End Sub

but it is obvious I need to add a modified value of the current selection
(in my previous example, it was "CWnd", but I need to modify the string to

Anyone know how or where I can find out more about the built-in add-ins (and
their parameter lists)?  Thanks!

Mark Franjione

Sun, 01 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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