Visual C++ 6 Pro vs Std? 
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 Visual C++ 6 Pro vs Std?


I've been using VC++5 Pro on and off for a few years at a client's
place.  I'm not working for this client, so I now face the decision of
which version of VC++ to buy, standard or pro.  Standard is less
expensive, of course, so that would be my first choice.  The problem
comes from the lack of information in terms of what is missing from
the Standard but which is included in the Pro.  I tried to find this
information on the Microsoft web site, but did not get much
information that was of any use.

So I ask you, what are some of the more important and noteworthy
features that VC++ 6 Pro has but which are missing from VC++ 6 Std?
In particular, if I want to build applications with the standard
edition, what are some of the limits that I will face.  I'm not
interested at this point into such things as DCOM, or even creating
ActiveX controls (although the time may come for this last<s>).  I am
interested in doing OpenGL and DirectX coding, and in database
programming (not client server, though, but local databases of various
formats such as Access, Foxpro, xBase, Paradox, etc.).  Does the
editor itself suffer in the standard edition as compared in the pro

If it is of any relevance, I have three operating systems spread out
on two machines: Win 95 and Win NT 4 (SP3) on a P166/64 MB RAM; and
Win 95 OSR2 on a laptop which is a P200 with 32 MB RAM.  I already own
Visual Basic 5 Pro, as well as delphi 4 Pro, amongst other things.  I
am not an expert at C/C++, but have used it on and off for about 10


Mon, 19 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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