Problem with a lib file importet to a DLL. 
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 Problem with a lib file importet to a DLL.

Hi every one

I wonder if some one can help me with this problem. The problem only accures
when I import a lib file into a Windows DLL not into an EXE program.

I have a lib file created by a third party developper named THOMSON
multimedia. I need to make some hacker protection so I use the srand and
rand function for this. I have tested my hacker protection as a unit and it
works fine. When I include the lib file the hacker protection works fine as
long as I'm nnot calling any function in the library included. Sine I call
srand with parameter value 1 srand should set reset the random geteration.

The random function generates the same numbers over and over again but the
function in the library doesn't work. I can't even write debug information
to any file using an ostream.

This is my random function

double __cdecl local_random( DWORD Seed )
    DWORD n=2;

    //  Reset the random generator so we get the same
    //  number every time.
        n = rand();
     while  ( n<1 );
     n = n & 0xFF;

     return n;


I would be greateful any one could help me explain why I get this error.

Lars Rosenberg

Sun, 07 Dec 2003 10:02:05 GMT  
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