Custom Build Using MS 6.0 VC++ 
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 Custom Build Using MS 6.0 VC++

It's hard to ask this question briefly.
I presume the changes in my base workspace, for a Custom
Based on environment variable, SCT, being defined or not,
I want to generate two different builds.  The workspace
contains more than 10 projects.  SCT will be defined
exclusively per project.
If SCT is not defined, then CPP and CPP_PROJ or
CPP_SWITCHES are defined normally. That already exists.
But if SCT is defined, I want CPP set to a different .exe,
and I have additional options for CPP_PROJ or CPP_SWITCHES.
I have a little perl script that will do this outside of
the ide, just modifying the exported .mak files.  But most
of my fellow developers do NOT build outside of the IDE.


Tue, 10 Aug 2004 08:11:12 GMT  
 Custom Build Using MS 6.0 VC++

I suggest that you can create a new project configuration. Please open the
project in Visual C++ IDE, select the menu item "Build"->"Configurations",
and click "Add" button to create a new configuration. And then you can set
the custom build according to your project configurations.

Hope this helps!

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Fri, 13 Aug 2004 17:11:46 GMT  
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