Different behavoir Release/Debug-build 
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 Different behavoir Release/Debug-build

For a client/server-program I've built a common dll
for the messaging. Of course should the client and the
server use the same version of this dll.
Because I often forget to increment the version in a construct like
int Currentversion=5;
I use something like
CString DLLDate(__DATE__);
The Client asks the server for his DLLDate ans compares it with
its own. If it is the same - than I assume, that both use the same DLL.

That works fine, but sometimes I test the debug-version of the server
with the release-version of the client.

Sometimes, after I've used the build all-command I have a difference in the
and the release-dll and the debug-dll have nearly the same time.
OK, the dll-date and the string DLLDate should not be the same date (in
DLLDate is the date of the object-file in which the definition occurs).
What I have:
        release-dll: file-timestamp Oct 22 14:45 and DLLDate is Oct 22
        debug-dll: file-timestamp Oct 22 14:44 and DLLDate is Oct 21

But this difference means, that the debug-mode didn't compile the cpp-file
the implementation of DLLDate - but the release-mode did compile it.

And I ask myself why this behavoir?

Any help welcome. Thanks, Holger.

Sat, 09 Apr 2005 21:09:22 GMT  
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