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Hi all,

This may not be the group to submit this but here goes.

My ODBC setup was fine until I installed VC++ and told it to install
SQLSERVER drivers.

Prior, I have installed with  no problem, with ODBC, the following:
PowerBuilder, Borland Builder, Power++ nor VB v5 enterprise.  Now I
get the message any time I reference the ODBC ini..etc.

"The ODBC resource DLL (C:\WINNT\System32\odbcint.dll) is different"
"version than ODBC driver manager (C:\WINNT\System32\odbc32.dll"
"You need to reinstall the ODBC components to insure proper operation"

The message is self explanatory. Should I ask Why it screwed up my
OBDC Dll's?.  I really want to resolve.

I am not sure where the initial install id for the ODBC drivers are?
Is that WINNT install... (I guess).  I do not remember an option to
specifically install the ODBC drivers.

Bill Taylor.

Sat, 10 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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