Can I Change the Build/Settings for an Existing Project? 
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 Can I Change the Build/Settings for an Existing Project?

I'd appreciate some assistance with Build in VS6.0 C++.  In general I'd
like to understand better how to configure the build for a specific
project, but I have a specific problem to solve, too.  I created a new
console project (because it was the only thing I knew to do to get the
build settings close to what I thought I wanted) to develop an iPlanet
Directory Server plug-in for W2K.  I now have code that compiles and
realize that I need to generate a DLL rather than an EXE ... besides,
the linker keeps telling me it can't find main()!  So, how do I
reconfigure the build settings for this project to generate a DLL?

Dwight M. McCann


Wed, 03 Dec 2003 01:09:49 GMT  
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