Can't add more than one ATL object to an ATL project using wizard 
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 Can't add more than one ATL object to an ATL project using wizard

I have just created a new ATL project using the ATL COM App Wizard. This
works fine and I'm then able to add a new ATL object using the ATL
Object wizard.

The new object is added to the project, but if I then try and add
another ATL Object again using the wizard I get an error message that
says "Currently ATL objects may only be added to ATL projects, or
certain types of MFC projects."

It seems that the ClassView information is being corrupted by the wizard
because the new class (CMyNewClass) is shown in the treeview but the
interface for it (IMyNewClass) is not. Also the items under the Globals
branch disappear from the tree.

Even restarting the IDE doesn't solve the problem, although the new
interface item (IMyNewClass) is now listed in ClassView. I've seen a
couple of possible fixes/workarounds mentioned in other newsgroups which
suggest using project and class names less than 7 characters, or
deleting the NCB and OPT files.

Although the 7 chars fix doesn't work for me, if I delete the NCB file I
am able to add ONE more ATL object to my project, but then its back to
the error message again.

I've tried re-applying VC6 SP3 a number of times but with no success.
Perhaps SP4 will do better but a 129MB download is a little excessive.

It worries me that stuff is being corrupted because I start to wonder
what else may be getting corrupted that is not immediately apparent. I
would make the changes manually, but I've not used ATL enough yet to
understand exactly what the wizards are doing underneath.

Any help is greatfully appreciated.


Mon, 23 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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