PVCS-VM source control integration 
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 PVCS-VM source control integration

I am having problems integrating an existing set of C++
projects into VM. There are multiple workspaces with
multipple projects and shared files/libraries etc.

Some of the shared files will not go under control saying
that they are already under control in another project
when they are not.

The second prolem I am finding is that checking out then
checking in a file after modifications through VS cause
duplicate copies of this file to be scattered through the
development tree other that the expected location. This
does not happen if the file is checked out/in from VM so
again, I assume that the fault is to do with Visual
Studio, or the configuration.

MERANT Australia have been unable to assist and I am
convinced that it is something to do with the Visual
Studio setup. Has anyone else had similar issues trying to
set up this type of integration?

Any assistance welcome.

Leon Blackman
Project Manager

Mon, 08 Dec 2003 14:02:24 GMT  
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