CHTML View Undo problem 
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 CHTML View Undo problem


         I am writing an MFC application(MFC Appwizard Exe) and the
view is derived from CHTMLView. In this view I opened a HTML file
which had the class ID's of some ActiveX controls. These controls were
displayed in the view. I could also make the view editable. This means
I can move the ActiveX controls around in the view. So far soo good!!!

           The problem is that Ctrl-Z combination works from the
keyboard, but I cannot get the menu Edit-Undo to have the same effect
???? Could anyone kindly help me out....

          What should I write in the handler of ID_EDIT_UNDO ?

Any help is welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Alexander PM

Thu, 11 Dec 2003 22:55:56 GMT  
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