Version of cscript shows different ver on two machines. 
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 Version of cscript shows different ver on two machines.

cscript.exe on machine one says ver
The exact same file on another machin (Im sure its the same file, coppyed it
cscript.exe on this nr. 2 machine says ver

Both machines is w2k prof.

I have updated IE to 6.0 and installed sp3 on machine 2.

Still the version is

The only thing i know for sure is a differense is that machine 2 has multi
language (Norweigian installed)

If this isent an X-File then im out of possibilities.

I desperatly have to get this machines up on ver 5.6 of the script host.
install gives same result anyway.

Einar Storeng

Sat, 17 Dec 2005 20:42:06 GMT  
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