Strange Problem with IE5 
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 Strange Problem with IE5

I am using IE5 to test a form in an ASP page consisting of two drop down
lists, a textbox, and a submit button.  As a specification requirement
applied towards me, the form must incorporate submission by pressing the
ENTER key (in addition to clicking the submit button with the mouse).  If
the form is submitted by pressing the ENTER key my server-side VBScripts
perform processing abnormally.  Everything is fine if the mouse is used to
press the submit button.  This strange subtle bug caused me to do some
serious bug hunting in my scripts and my html code.  My findings:  The
submission of the form by pressing the ENTER key works properly if there are
MORE than one text field.  I added one more text field and it worked.

I was wondering if you have experienced the same problem before or if you
know if anyone's experiencing the same problem.

I greatly appreciate any thoughts or input.

Tue, 24 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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