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I used DW and it screwed up my code, so I did it all by hand. Here is my
story. I have a cgi file that was parsed into an exe file and placed on my
server in the proper directory. The exe file searches for a bit of
information and out puts the information in the result.htm file. There are 3
html files. The parent html file is start.htm, the search request form is
located within form.htm, and the results are outputted to results.htm. The
app works by calling the exe file within a url. example
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;Start.htm acts like a frameset document, by
using cgi server side includes that house form.htm and outputs the results
to result.htm. Any graphical changes made to start.htm like add background
image etc.. is relevant on both pages also, form.htm and results.htm. The
exe file cannot be modified and the cgi server side includes are setup to
read *.htm, *.html extensions. Those are non-changeable facts. With that
said, my question is, how can I, use the ASP scripting.dictionary object to
dynamically change the way the information is presented. Like when a user
search results are "Ham", I want the scripting.dictionary object to change
"Ham" to "Pork".  I know you can change information using the ASP object
with an ASP extension. However, I am limited to *.htm, *.html. Would there
be some work around so that I can still use ASP and keep the file extension,
results.htm? And or is there another serverside scripting language that will
act in the same way, not modifying the exe or the original cgi server
includes, but work with them, keeping my file extension in tact.

Much appreciated,

Tue, 11 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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