Avoiding IE4 History - question for any experts out there that can be bothered to help... 
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 Avoiding IE4 History - question for any experts out there that can be bothered to help...

IE4/ ASP/ VBScript / history problem:

Is there any way to say -

"Don't add this page to the client's IE4 history"
"when the '<=Back' button is pressed in IE4 menu bar (and this page is
current) redirect to another specific page" ?

The window.history properties can't be cleared or amended in anyway as far
as I'm aware.

I have a client/server ASP intranet application in which I want the user to
go back
to a menu page when he hits the "<- Back" button in IE4.

The user may be several pages deep into the application, and although I can
normally ascertain referring pages etc.etc. none of this has any effect when
the back button is pressed as it doesn't seem to fire any kind of event, and
so my code can't intercept - the browser is literally viewing historic
pages - they don't and won't refresh on a "<-Back" press, and
Response.Expires=0 won't make them do so.

The only way I can think of around it is to use a "real" (i.e. CGI)
application on the server to return results, such that the browser never
actually has to go to another page (and so creates no more history), but
surely this defeats the whole point of ASP which is trying to stop cgi being
a requirement for server web apps?
(Adding a back button to the page itself would not acceptable solution to
the customer!)

I suppose this question could be re-wrtitten as follows:

How do I get a Dynamic HTML ASP page to query SQLserver, display the result
set (in newly created text boxes) and never actually leave the page it's on
as far as the browser is concerned (i.e. without creating history)?

You can do the Dynamic HTML bit in client script, but as soon as you want
any server code to run again once the page is loaded (i.e. the SQL query) -
you must go to another page - which (even if not displayed) creates
history - AAAAH!!

Someone out there must have had this problem before, or read an article on
this kind of situation - it must be a fairly common question to new
developers of ASP.

I also can't believe Microsoft haven't addressed this in their development
of ASP, but I've never seen a web site that gets around it without CGI/
ISAPI etc.

Also, linked to this problem as part of a possible solution -
Can you refresh a page (therefore calling the server script again) without
doing a redirect, i.e. not adding to history?

Help! (please)

Fri, 20 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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