What is it with ME...keyword 
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 What is it with ME...keyword

I have a file I'm developing for IE4.0. It works just fine on my machine
(doesn't it always); however, on a user's machine I get an error when I try
to use the ME keyword see listing 1.

I have rewritten the code into JavaScript (see listing 2) and it works fine.
I don't mind doing it in JavaScript but I would like to know why this
doesn't work on user's systems like it does on mine.

So my question is, why does it work on my machine (oh and other developers
that have looked at it) but not users? I assume that is has something to do
with the VBScript interpreter on my machine, but I don't know that.

If it is an interpreter, how can I check the user's system and, if it is not
the latest, download the latest from Microsoft?

listing 1.
 <th language=vbscript
 onMouseOver="me.style.background='#cfc0b6'"  < ------- ERROR
 onMouseOut="me.style.background='#b7a397'"  < -------- ERROR

listing 2.
 onMouseOver="this.style.background='#cfc0b6'"  < ------- No error
 onMouseOut="this.style.background='#b7a397'"  < ------- No error

Thanks in advance.

Mark Oehler

Mon, 03 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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