internationalization of form fields 
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 internationalization of form fields

Hi everyone,

I am trying to solve a problem with verifying a date form field.  I am using
the isdate in VBScript to verify that the date typed in is actually a date.
This works fine in english, but if a change the regional settings of my
computer to another language that does not use the same format as english in
the date, then I have a problem when I use the language's format instead of
the english format.  It doesn't recoginize the other format at all.

Does anyone have any experience with this, even if I have to change my code
to javascript.  I know I can just make drop downs and avoid the whole
problem but I have been directed that the customer wants to input the fields
themselves on the forms instead of selecting from a drop down because it's

thanks in advance,

jose cardenas
Vidimedix Corp.

Tue, 28 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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