Hard BLOB problem... 
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 Hard BLOB problem...

Hello gurus.

I believe that there is someone who can help me.
My problem is:

I have asp-page that handling binarydata and upload files to my MS SQL 7
database as BLOB (image-datatype)...that asp-code will store some additional
info about uploaded file too, example ContentType, Size in bytes and
Everything goes okay and I have another page (show.asp) that show me image
that is stored into the database and that also works fine.

But I need to retrieve word documents, excel sheets, zip files and many
other different filetypes that I have been uploaded in my database. In this
case that show.asp which show images does not show word documents and other
filetypes properly. I just get some strange binaryshit. (All files are
uploaded properly to db, that's not the issue)

Where is the problem, doesn't my browser recognize filetypes (IE5 and
Or do I have to use somehow EMBED or OBJECT -tags?
How can I show or download other filetypes than jpg/gif/bmp from database?

I would be very grateful for the all answers.

Pasi Heinonen

ICL Invia

Tue, 04 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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