my page Refreshes inconsistently: help! 
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 my page Refreshes inconsistently: help!

I'm coding an ASP page.  The offending code is at

When trying to "purchase" more than one comic or "cancel" an order in
progress (to reset it), I have to hit Refresh several times, or wait a
while and then hit Refresh.

Once upon a time (when my code was very basic) it worked fine.  Now,
however, I have the Refresh problem even when I'm editing code locally
on my harddrive, using PWS.

I would appreciate any suggestions and solutions about the cause of
this behavior.

My server-side code is written in VBScript.  It accesses an MS Access
2000 database.  My server is IIS 5.0.

Sat, 17 Jul 2004 14:30:22 GMT  
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