creating dynamic pdf using VBScript? 
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 creating dynamic pdf using VBScript?

I have designed an online application for my company to build quotes.
Currently, the final product (the actual quote built) can only be
accessed by viewing it through your browser (it is built up using
VBScript reading the info from an Access DB and then 'HTML'ing it).
What I would like to do is have all that info put into a PDF and saved
on the disk of the server that the app is running off of.  I have
heard of things like PDFLib which (from what i have read) is a
software package supposed to make this very easy for me.
Unfortunately, I don't really have a budget to buy something like
this, so i was wondering what my alternatives are.  I have heard
something about developing my own COM to do this but I really don't
know where to start or if this is even a viable alternative.  Any
suggestions on what I can do would be appreciated!!


Mon, 19 Jan 2004 05:40:17 GMT  
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