Open Directory....What Do You Think? 
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 Open Directory....What Do You Think?

In a newsletter by a well known search engine analyst, the
comment was made about the history of the Open Directory.

"There were no guidelines set forth, other than to go forth
and multiply.
It was unclear just how sites were to be described or
categorized, and
general anarchy reigned. It appeared in the beginning that
most of the
volunteer editors had joined simply to promote their own

The author of that newsletter ends on a positive note about
the directory
saying that the directory has improved dramatically, but
the truth is that
nothing has changed.  Some editors still join simply to
promote their
own sites.

The ODP database is used on more than 20 search engines and
directories, including Netscape, so it has become a very
directory in the Internet, and in search engine placement.
It should
be noted that as the directory continues to grow and to
increasingly influential, it continues to have a tremendous

The flaw I refer to is the continuing use of editors with
businesses in
the same category they are responsible for.  When you
submit a
site for listing, it is your competitor that determines
whether or not
you should even be listed.  This poses an
enormous "conflict of
interest" for the editors.

I have been personally affected by this conflict of
interest.  I am an
air filter manufacturer in Florida.  My biggest competitor
is another
air filter manufacturer in Florida.  Recently, I went to
the Open
Directory to check my listing because I had noticed that my
in AOL had dropped in position, but even worst, had just a
lousy five
word description.....

Well, guess what I found when I did a little
investigating.  That's right!
The editor for "Air Filter" is none other than my long time
from Florida.  So I went a little deeper into my
investigation and found
that my competitor, the editor, has seven ( 7 ) listings on
the Open
Directory under the category of Air Filter and Air

All the listings point towards the same products.  And, in
violation of
Open Directory rules, a couple of the listings are mirror
sites.  Mirror
sites are different URL's or company names pointing to the
same site.
It's no wonder that my competitor shows up everywhere on
the top
listings.  On AOL for instance, he shows up twice on the
first page,
one listing right after the other.

Sour grapes on my part?  Maybe, but all I really want is a
fair shake.
In my humble opinion the Open Directory cannot survive over
the long
run with such a "conflict of interest" with its editors.
Sooner or later
the grapes will sour throughout the whole vine if this
enormous flaw is
not corrected.

What do you think?

If anyone cares to contact me, email

Best Regards,

Manny Cristia
Cristal Enterprises

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