Increment Value in .HTX file? 
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 Increment Value in .HTX file?

Hello all Website developers,

I have a problem that i hope somone out there can solve.

Is it Possible to insert VBScript or anything in a .HTX file?

On my Intranet i want to Increment a value that i recived from an Access
database by 3.

I have pasted my 2 files below.

Start.idc looks like this...

Datasource: prod
Template: Start.htx

Then the Start.htx looks likke this..
<table border="1">

<!--    How do i Import the variable <%ANTAL%> and increment it with ex 3
and then Print it out on the Webbpage  ???????  --!>

<% Ant = Request.Form(idc.Antal)%>
<%   Ant = Ant + 3 %>
<% = Ant %>



Please Can someone help me???

Best Regards Mikael

Sat, 28 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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