Can I make a recordset available to child frames 
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 Can I make a recordset available to child frames


I am developing a website reporting on data from an Access database using
ASP.  Is it possible to create a recordset once at a top level (possibly a
frameset page) and have it available to the pages in that frameset?

I am wanting to have header information in the top frame, and the content in
the main body frame.  I was hoping to be able to prevent creating the same
recordset multiple times to improve performance (or would this not really
make any difference?).

Normally I would produce a different recordset for the header information
with only the required content, however this particular project requires the
full data in the recordset to work out the information to be display in the

Also, is it possible for local variables to be referenced from another


Matthew Herbert

Sun, 13 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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