Client side scripting / server side scripting 
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 Client side scripting / server side scripting

I have a problem in my application ... I don't know how to figure it out how
to send informations through the server after a client side validation ?

But first let me explain you the context of my application ...I'm presently
building a newsgroup for a corporate organization ...the UI is made of 3

The first frame is where all the function available to the end user are
shown i.e.:
1- compose a message
2- send a message
The second frame is where the end user can see all the messages send by all
the others. (message tree)
The last frame is where the user can read or write message.

So when the user click on the compose function, the third frame changes (i.e
a form appears)
<form >
<input type=text name=msgsubject size=72 value="<%=txtmsgsubject %>"
<textarea name=msgbody cols=80 rows=200 wrap=soft ><%=txtmsgboby
Note: The reason that there is  no "submit" button in this form is because
they wants that all the functions must be made form the toolbar (first

Then when the user clicks on the send button (located on the first frame)...

<img src="" width=30 height=30 border=0  alt="Poster" onClick=CheckForm()>

it performs a client side validation...(on the third frame)

Sub CheckForm ()

 Dim MsgForm,Strtxtsubject,StrtxtBody,BlnIsValid

 If CStr(parent.frames(2).document.title) = "Viewonemsg" Then

    MsgBox "Veuillez crire un message avant de procder son
envoie.",64,"Fontion non disponible."

      Set MsgForm=parent.frames(2).document.msg

      If Strtxtsubject ="" Then
          MsgBox "Votre message n'a pas de sujet.",64,"Message sans sujet"
      End If


      If StrtxtBody = "" Then
           MsgBox "Votre message est vide.",64,"Message vide"
      End If

 End If

If BlnIsValid = true Then
 IntButtonClicked = MsgBox ("tes-vous certain de vouloir envoyer ce message
?",36,"Confirmation d'envoie")

      If IntButtonClicked = vbYes Then
           MsgBox "Votre message a t envoy avec succs",64,"Opration
effectue avec succs"

      End If

 End If

End Sub

All my pages are asp based ... I have tried sereval solutions ... (and some
results like the browser crash or empty parameters...) in order to send my
info to my database

Thank you !

Juan Pablo Escobar Zuniga
Intern in computer science
Canadian International Developement Agency

Thu, 24 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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