Why doesn't this work 
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 Why doesn't this work

This is part of a script on my web page, the rest of the script loads a
few text files up into the "middle" frame.  The from a button I call p
("middle").  Works perfectly on 19 machines, crashes on 2.  All NT4.0 w/
IE 5.

I get "Cannot create object" on the factoyr.priting.header line

Any Ideas?


in the <HEAD> I have
<!-- MeadCo ScriptX -->
<object id="factory" viewastext  style="display:none"

in the <Script>> I have

function p(frame)
        oframe="parent.frames." & frame
        if frame="middle" then factory.doprint true, parent.frames.middle
        if frame="notes_text" then factory.doprint true,
        if frame="deflect_text" then factory.doprint true,
end function

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Sat, 25 Oct 2003 02:30:07 GMT  
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